Product Data (Open Data)

For the /get_products_open_api endpoint in the 2050 Materials API, the following filter options and output fields are included

Filter Options

Filter options are the same as for the /get_products endpoint.

Output Fields

  1. name: The name of the product.

  2. company: The name of the company manufacturing the product.

  3. product_type: The type of product.

  4. material_type: The type of material used in the product.

  5. manufacturing_location: The location where the product is manufactured.

  6. country: The country of the manufacturing location.

  7. city: The city of the manufacturing location.

  8. manufacturing_continent: The continent of the manufacturing location.

  9. product_url: The URL of the product.

  10. material_facts: A dictionary containing:

    1. declared_unit: This field likely represents the unit in which material facts are declared, providing a standardized measure for comparisons or calculations.

    2. manufacturing: This field likely contains information related to the manufacturing phase of the product's lifecycle. It could include data such as the carbon emissions (CO2e) associated with the manufacturing process, but the exact details depend on the data structure of the MaterialFact model.

Rate limits

The open API has a rate limit of 100 calls per hour. For unlimited rate calls and the full product data, please use the get_products endpoint.

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