2050 Materials Data Framework

The API is continuously updated with information which the 2050 Materials team collects around building products. If you are looking for a data point which is not part of this, please inquire about it by writing an email to info@2050-materials.com, and the team will inform you about the feasibility of including it.

2050 Materials classifies product and materials according to several existing systems (Uniclass, CSI Masterformat, CAWS, and more). However, we have also developed our own system which classifies product types and material types for each datapoint further.Below you will find the existing systems used. Keep in mind that these systems grow alongside our database. While we try to keep these documents up to date, there may be some values which do not appear but may exist in our database.

For the API users, all the available entities should be visible through the relevant API calls.

Product Type System

Material Type System

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