Using the API

This page describes how users can get access to, and use 2050 Materials' API service.

Accessing our API

2050 Materials' API aims to seamlessly integrate comprehensive sustainability data into digital design processes in the construction industry. It leverages AI-powered algorithms and detailed life cycle assessment (LCA) calculations to create a vast, high-quality database on the climate impact of building materials. This integration facilitates real-time calculations of embodied environmental impacts, supporting designers and builders in making more informed, sustainable choices. The goal is to make sustainability a fundamental and easily accessible part of the construction process.

API Access and Authentication details

License is available to any organization which has a use-case for high-quality product information. Use cases include, but are not limited to, building a carbon tool for the construction industry, linking carbon and other data in cost estimation software, and including more granular information in real estate climate risk metrics.

Available Endpoints

  1. /get_products_open_api Open API with limited information (GWP, A1-A3) on construction products

  2. /get_products Full LCA data breakdown & augmented data on all construction products globally

  3. /get_generic_materials Full LCA data breakdown & augmented data on generic materials/products

  4. /get_co2_warming_potential Embodied carbon and Warming Potential estimation for building typologies and assemblies

Get a Developer Token

For the Open API (/get_products_open_api) please register an account on the 2050 Materials platform and generate a token on your account page.

If you are interested in getting access to the other endpoints, please send us an email at

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